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Entering retirement can be a daunting phase for boxers, whether it is brought on unexpectedly through injury or a transition that has been a long time in the making, the PBA hopes to work with boxers and create a detailed and individually tailored plan that can help when starting a 'secondary' career.



If looking to further your education is something that interests you when retiring, the PBA will be able to assist you by providing educational assistance on contacting universities for specific courses that we believe would be best suited to your interests. Furthermore, the PBA can help look to set up NVQ qualifications as well as any other educational courses that you feel interested in completing.


Leaving boxing behind is the hardest part of facing retirement and many former professionals use their experience to stay within the sport. The PBA can help with supporting its members through organising Level 1 and 2 courses with England Boxing as well as the application process of gaining a coaching license from the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBOC).


If it is a career you already working in alongside boxing that you want help with or you are interested in entering a completely new career, we can also cater those needs. Working with Life After Professional Sport (LAPS) we use their expert skills and experience to help you decide what career will suit you best after sport, give you support and advice preparing your CV and interview technique, and put you directly in touch with employers specifically looking to recruit former sports professionals just like you.


Filling the void of boxing is something that is extremely difficult to replace and something that is extremely difficult to come to terms with. The PBA was built on believing that boxing offered no support or a platform for boxers who have entered retirement, and that it is important that this gets addressed.

Whether if it is unexpected through injury, prolonged inactivity or coming to the end of the road, the PBA will offer 100% support to its members who are entering retirement. If you are struggling feel free to contact us here through our contact section on the website and we will get back to you straight away.