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The Professional Boxers’ Affiliation Trust hopes to establish itself as a registered charity in 2021, with the purpose of supporting the lives of amateur, professional and retired boxers in the UK, as well as their immediate family. 

The PBA Trust is dedicated to investing some of the money raised by the Trust back into amateur gyms all over the country. At the PBA, we realise that funding for amateur gyms can be scarce and we want to reward the work done by these institutions in the UK, helping contribute to the next generation of successful boxers in the UK.

Similarly, we want to use the money raised by the Trust to fund mental health support for our members. Due to our partnership with Sporting Chance, PBA members are entitled to the whole range of services offered by Sporting Chance’s network of trained counsellors and more.

Due to the unpredictable and sometimes harrowing nature of the sport, the PBA Trust also offers financial support to the family members of boxers who have been dramatically impacted by the sport. This benevolence fund is part of how the PBA wants to contribute to building a support structure within the sport, which boxers and their families can always rely on.

To find out about donating to the PBA trust, please get in contact with us using the button below.