Image by Hermes Rivera


In January 2021, the Professional Boxers’ Affiliation launched a campaign to try and change the lives of professional boxers in the UK. Throughout the turbulent year of 2020, the PBA were liaising with various companies that could help boxers throughout their careers and well into retirement. We hope to compliment the great work that trainers, managers and promoters currently do and provide another avenue to support professional boxers.

Firstly, mental wellbeing is extremely important to us at the PBA. Our partnership with Sporting Chance will provide members with free access to a number of their services, and our early discussions with CALM and Mind will hopefully lead to other initiatives to help improve the emotional well-being of those within the sport.The PBA will look to act as an impartial and confidential body for boxers to work on their battles with mental health, should they need to.

Our partnership with Cartlidge Morland should lead to the creation of a universal pension scheme for professional boxers in the UK. This plans to set boxers up in retirement and give them something back from the sport than they give so much into. 

The much-publicized struggles that ex-boxers face in retirement is clear evidence that this is an area which needs to be looked at. The PBA’s partnership with LAPS (Life After Professional Sport) will give boxers a clear pathway into a secondary career and help ease the burden of retirement.

Finally, once our income reaches the minimum required by the Charities Act 2006 to establish our charitable arm, the Professional Boxers’ Affiliation Trust. The money donated will be given to amateur gyms and act as a benevolent fund for our members and their families.

However, providing these services and setting up the PBA Trust will only be possible if we attract the attention of the main stakeholders within the sport and secure a reliable form of funding. If you’re involved in boxing in any way, whether than be a fighter, trainer, promoter or even a fan, we need your support to make this happen.

You can get involved by following us on social media, using the hashtag #PBALaunch, or donating to the Professional Boxers’ Affiliation Trust by using the button below. By supporting our campaign, you could help to better the lives of professional boxers in the UK.