At the PBA education is extremely important to us, giving boxers the knowledge and tools they need to compete well in and out of the ring is our main priority and we will do this by providing regular mentoring programmes from former professional boxers and experts within the sporting world.

The mentoring programmes set up by the PBA will be scheduled throughout the year, covering a variety of issues that will help educate fighters who are young novices, freshly turned professionals or boxers reaching the end of their career. We will provide programmes which will be lead by professional boxers who have competed in the sport, using their knowledge and experience to help guide fighters on the best way to deal with issues that they faced during their career. Furthermore, the PBA will provide programmes led by medical, fitness and financial professionals to help give boxers a better understanding on how to maximise their welfare outside of the ring, as well as inside the ring.

These programmes will run in a way that will allow the mentor to speak to the the mentees, but also so that mentees can ask questions to gain a better viewpoint for their benefit.