The Professional Boxers' Affiliation is aware of the mental struggles professional boxers face during their career and throughout retirement, which is why the PBA is committed to educating and supporting our members to manage their health and welfare.



The PBA has signed up to the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation, remaining committed to tackling mental health issues within not only boxing, but sport as a whole.

The PBA works closely with current professional boxers and retired ones who have previously experienced mental health issues within the sport and are willing to use their experiences to help create a platform for fellow boxers to contact and gain support. Professional boxers are subject to the hardest, most gruelling, loneliest sport in the world. Therefore the PBA are committed to 3 main actions as part of the Mental Health Charter:

1. Publicly promoting and adopting good mental health policies and best practice within our sports and recreational activities.

2. Supporting the establishment of a network to work closely with the mental health sector to develop resources and best practice.

3. Using diverse role models and ambassadors to reduce the stigma attached to mental health problems.


The PBA believes that educating and acting to support boxers is the best way to tackle mental health issues within the sport. We are aware of the mental struggles boxers go through when entering their early stages of retirement, which is why the PBA will reach out to PBA members on their plans for retirement, educating them and acting on their next steps.


The PBA will educate boxers on the issues that can lead to mental health issues in and outside of the sport through monthly newsletters, educational seminars and working closely with mental health charities that are listed below to produce content for young boxers just starting, and boxers entering retirement.


The PBA will also act to help boxers by working with mental health charity Cognacity, which provide a nationwide professional counselling service as well as a residential treatment clinic to help those recovering from alcohol, drugs or gambling addiction.

Our on-site counsellors also offer mental well-being therapy support to any professional boxers that require it, they can be contacted at:

Kevin Hempsted - 07852481333

Ryan Doubleday (Grief Counselling) - 07802481333

Post-boxing can also be a scary time for professional boxers, whether you are forced into early retirement, have been sustained inactivity or you are reaching the end of your career, the PBA will act to help provide you with an individual detailed and tailored plan to fill the void of professional boxing.