Boxing Head Protectors Mounted On Wall


Being a professional sportsperson can cause the prices of motor and personal insurance to be unfairly pushed up by many insurance firms. At the PBA, our relationship with All Sport Insurance will look to give our members fair and comprehensive prices.



All Sport Insurance offers a refreshing new approach to insurance for sports professionals, semi-professionals, clubs and sporting associations. All Sport provides a bespoke concierge service offering a one stop solution for all of your insurance needs be it personal or business insurance. We are aware that motor and home insurance can often be expensive and difficult to obtain because of your sporting prowess, we can secure competitive and comprehensive solutions from our selected panel of insurers who understand your requirements.

With over 75 years’ experience in the sporting and insurance arenas and long-standing relationships with the Professional Cricketers Association, Professional Rugby Players Association, Professional Jockeys Association and Rugby League Cares our team have extensive experience in assisting sports professionals.