Image by Johann Walter Bantz


The Professional Boxers' Affiliation (PBA) started in 2020 and hopes to act as the main representative body for professional boxers in the UK. Following other representative sportspersons' unions, the PBA will protect the mental well-being of professional boxers, give them career advice on financial planning and pensions, and eventually ease their transition into retirement. 

At the PBA, we understand the difficulty for professional boxers to deal with retirement, which is why it is our priority to help boxers not just during their career but also after, giving them advice and support for their secondary career after boxing. We achieve this by cushioning the fallout into retirement, promoting and representing the interests of boxers and looking to protect the welfare of professional boxers. Working with those within the sport we will proactively build a support structure within boxing that will provide the security and certainty that will help boxers in years to come.

Once we can secure vital funding, our membership benefits will provide the following:

- Access to a 24/7 mental health support through hotlines you can call as well as the ability to see counsellors, free of charge

- Insurance schemes which will provided by our partners All Sport Insurance that our reliable and accurate

- Professional Boxers Affiliation Pension Scheme (PBAPS) which will provide boxers with an individual personal pension plan.

- Retirement planning for staying within boxing or going elsewhere, the PBA will help plan a clear structure for the next step in your life.