The PBA is dedicated to supporting boxers through every stage of their careers.

With your help, we can launch the PBA and bring awareness to the fragility and uncertainty professional boxers face during their career. By running this campaign, we can put a correct support structure in place for professional boxers that will help with financial planning, mental wellbeing and with their transition into retirement. To help, get in contact with us or press donate.



Our mission is to launch a membership body that will offer multiple benefits to remove the uncertainty and loneliness boxers feel during and after their professional career. By working with key stakeholders within the sport and gaining the significant funding needed, boxing will be able to fill the void that has existed for so long and help follow in the footsteps of other elite sports in protecting their athletes. Our creation of the PBA Pension Scheme (PBAPS), by working with Sporting Chance, and providing help to boxers looking for work or access to education after they hang up their gloves through our association with LAPS, we can help succeed in creating a system that will support boxers for years to come.



The PBA looks to maximise the wellbeing and personal development of all professional boxers, from the start of their career right to the very end. Giving boxers support and advice whether its related to retirement, finances or mental health, the PBA will have you covered.

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Good mental health is vital for peak performance in the ring. At the PBA, our partnership with mental health charities and on-site counsellors means we offer a range of support services to improve the mental wellbeing of our members.



Due to the unpredictability of the sport, helping fighters manage their finances is extremely important. The PBA offers a number of schemes to help professional boxers throughout their career and in retirement.

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Retirement can be a daunting moment for any athlete. However, the PBA look to make this transition easier for our members. We offer career advice and guidance, as well as routes into higher education and training courses for new roles outside of the ring.

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The PBA will be able to provide cheaper personal cover with our partners All Sport Insurance, ensuring boxers are covered through every step they take in their career.


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